mathew carr

"we are currently experiencing technical difficulties.
and we are under attack by aliens. please hold the line."

Ocelot Arcade System

I invented a vector graphics home arcade console using a microcontroller and an oscilloscope!
Enter the world of the OCELOT ARCADE SYSTEM.


Costumes and masks and all things wonderful and mystical on my costuming site!

MJS Yabasic

Complete reimplementation of absurd PlayStation 2-exclusive programming language in JavaScript.

Gravity Beam: Master Gaiden

Small slice of console homebrew, winner of the SMSPOWER 2013 Coding Competition!.

Gravity Beam

Guide your spaceship through treacherous tunnels and save the day in this Amiga 500 game!

C64 Twinz

Defeat your evil twin in this inexplicable C64 game.

Vinnie Vole's Existential Nightmare ZX Spectrum

Overwhelming dread awaits you in this unusual game, ostensibly found on a lost tape...


Ten years, and everybody's still yelling at each other.

Lemmings Project

Complete clean-room reimplementation of the Lemmings engine and levels for Nintendo DS!

Magenta Kong

A nasty brute throws barrels down a series of inclined slopes in this Flash fan-game.

Blast Arena Advance

One of the very first homebrew Game Boy Advance games, once available on cartridge for a limited time!