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Blast Arena Advance

Blast Arena Advance is a fast paced, action-packed homebrew collect-'em-up for your Game Boy Advance, by Mathew Carr.

The objective of Blast Arena Advance is to collect as many jittering yellow squares as possible, while avoiding the shrapnel thrown out by the explosions. Using your cunning and skill, ricochet the cursor against the walls of your Game Boy to outwit and evade the deadly shrapnel.

For the last eight months, Blast Arena Advance has been freely available for download from Hundreds of gamers from around the world have downloaded Blast Arena Advance and played it on emulators or via their flash cartridges.

Now, the popular underground homebrew hit can be yours to own! (for real!)

Click here to read the Blast Arena Advance mini-manual.

Every cartridge has been tested thoroughly on Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, Game Boy Player and Nintendo DS hardware. 

This project is a unique experimental project, and as such is run strictly on a non-commercial non-profit basis. Any and all revenue from cartridge sales will directly offset the cost of production and shipping.

Any questions?

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Download Blast Arena Advance ROM

Blast Arena Advance
Cartridge Version

Blast Arena Advance
GBAX 2005 Version


Recent Updates

29th January 2016

The Blast Arena Advance source code is now available under the terms of the Affero GPL V3.

This means that in almost all circumstances, you really shouldn't be using it. But the license is the least of your worries in the BAA code...

Download Blast Arena Advance source code here.

Best of luck, hackers!

Thank you for playing Blast Arena Advance!

- Matt


14th November 2007

Phew! Every single last Blast Arena Advance cartridge has been sold and shipped! How about that!

Many thanks go to everybody who bought one (or more!) cartridges.

For the moment, I can't produce any more of them, I'm afraid. ._.

What I'd like to do next is a full mega-tastic Blast Arena Advance Cartridge Project post-mortem write up. For this, I would like your help!

You must all tell me what you'd parts of the project you'd like me to write about, and what interested you about the project.

Please e-mail your questions and comments to, and I'll try to cover as much of it as I can.

Thank you!

- Matt


14th July 2007

Some folks have been asking for an updated list of packages that have been sent.

Here goes: if your name is on that list, I've sent your cartridge(s). Most recent orders are shown at the top. If you're not on that list, holler, and I'll look into it!


9th July 2007

It turns out that the package returns were due to a sorting error at the Post Office... thankfully it seems to be limited to only four of the packages.

Many thanks to everybody who's e-mailed me with their thoughts on the game. Turns it out it runs just fine on the Game Boy Micro, which is a relief. :)

Please be patient if you've e-mailed me directly, it may take longer than usual for me to reply to your e-mail.


6th July 2007

Phew! It seems that the cartridges have started to arrive at their destinations all over the world!

Orders are coming in thick and fast! I try to post them in batches as soon as the Post Office opens in the morning. Sometimes this isn't possible, but I will always try to post them as soon as I can.

One thing I don't understand is this: When I go to post the cartridges, I take a series of identical packages to the Post Office and they weigh them and attach the postage for me. However, four out of a series of two dozen packages addressed to the United States have been returned to me due to insufficient postage. Surely the Post Office would know what the correct postage would be, right?

Apologies to Jason N., Jon F., Craig S. and Tim S. for the delay. I'll settle this once and for all, and make sure it never happens again.


30th June 2007

All of the remaining 'dark' style carts have been sold! Thank you!

I'll send all of the cartridges remaining to be sent shortly. :)


29th June 2007

Wow! This is just... incredible! This page has been active for little over a day, and sixty cartridges have been sold!

I'm packaging up and posting the first lot later today... I've received payment from the following fine folks (surnames only shown), and they should be receiving their cartridges sometime next week:

(Table removed.)

Thank you all for your interest, especially those of you telling your friends about Blast Arena Advance in forums an' such! :)

Now then, I've just got a hideous tangle of Customs declaration stickers from the post office, and I've got some packaging up to do! Have fun!


28th June 2007

Due to overwhelming demand, the Blast Arena Advance
Cartridge Project is back for one final run!

I have worked behind the scenes, and created a final run of 150 unique semi-transparent teal coloured BAA cartridges. Each cartridge comes in its own white protective case. (A popular suggestion from supporters of the old project.)

There were a small number of original cartridges which arrived after I shut down the Paypal buttons. I've tested these thoroughly (especially the battery) and I've decided to put them online for a reduced price for anybody who prefers the old 'dark' style of cartridge. They'll each come with their own randomly coloured protective case.

Be aware that boxes or manuals are not available for either cartridge type. :(




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They're all gone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this cartridge actually real?

Yes. Here's a picture of the BAA cartridge, and this is three BAA cartridges running on Game Boy Player, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS.

What systems is Blast Arena Advance compatible with?

Blast Arena Advance is compatible with all editions of the Game Boy Advance, the Game Boy Player and Nintendo DS.

Will you be able to make any more Blast Arena Advance cartridges?

I'm afraid not. It's just not possible. 

What about a Lemmings DS Game Card?

Oh dear... 

More questions later...

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Blast Arena Advance, a game by Mathew Carr. Based on BLAST ARENA: Game and concept by Edward Biddulph. Additional artwork by Jonathon Carr. Apex Audio System provided by Apex Designs ( Music by Olof 'Blaizer' Gustaffson, Mark 'The Dark Knight' Knight and Risto 'Rib' Vuori. Made with the undisputably excellent devkitPro. Blast Arena Advance Mathew Carr 2005-2006. Blast Arena Edward Biddulph 1998-2006. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Blast Arena Advance is not licensed or endorsed by Nintendo of Europe, Nintendo Co. Ltd or any of their associates or subsidiaries. All program code, concept and assets have been developed without the use of any official documentation, software, hardware or any other information protected by Non Disclosure or other Agreements. Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS are trademarks of Nintendo Co. Ltd. This project and these cartridges are 110% unofficial. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. You know, for kids!