PSCD32 Development Diary

Meanwhile, the next day

Alex Lennon @embedded_iot, Replying to @SkullKidUK and @DoESLiverpool Looks like a success. Thank you, Alex! Let's take a closer look at this thing. Ahh, wow! It's beautiful! Yaaaay! Feels nice and solid too. All the curves have come out really nice, all the columns too. No weird burrs or mess all over it. This Creality thing is the business. You can see the infill if you hold it up to the light. They said they started the lid piece too... Ah well. We tried to print the arched lid upside down, but the angle of the top was too shallow and the top ended up as loose threads. I'll have to rethink this. I'm surprised at how well it did doing this, to be honest. The interior is nice, and it probably would have made nice walls if it was left to continue. Against my better judgement, I took the previous irreplaceable CD32 all the way on the train to the dusty DoES workshop so I could show them what the fuss was all about. It's time to see how the base looks with the PCB inside. I love how it looks like it does in Blender. None of this weird mis-calibration, half-arsed mess at some point in the transition from design to reality. The wired fit snugly around their posts, and the PCB rests in its well without any undue force. I don't know much about the static electrical properties of this material... I should probably look that up. Here's how the unit looks plugged into the CD32. The lead from the PSCD32 to the joystick ports on the CD32 is deliberately short, to rest on the same surface as the CD32 itself, beside it. Let's fire up the CD32 and try some games! The Chaos Engine CD32 was a hit! :D I had a fiddle with Brian the Lion and that worked great still. Though, if I'm being honest, sometimes Brian's jumps and swipes didn't quite work. Not sure whether to blame it on the base for some reason, or perhaps it was the super-high-tech TV being all laggy and awful. Or perhaps, after lugging a big bag of retro swag across a river, my poor thumbs were too tired to press the buttons on the controller... Time to head back home and reflect on all I've done. Gosh, that was exciting wasn't it? What am I going to do about the lid?