PSCD32 Development Diary

Ultimaker ultimaking a mess

Against my better judgement, I've installed Ultimaker Cura on my good computer to see if my STL files exported from Blender are 3D printer-compatible. Good heavens... 4 hours, 44 minutes?!?!? For the base alone?? Well, it's Thursday night, DoES Liverpool Maker Night. It's now or never. Let's do it to it.


With some help from a very helpful fellow, the base piece of the PSCD32 is now being 3D printed! This machine is called a Creality, a word which I will never spell or say correctly in my entire life. The fellow who owns the device has a special settings file that he's applied to my model, and he's started off a print of the base for me. 7:20pm If you're wondering why it's green... it's not. It's yellow. If you're wondering why it's yellow... it's because that was what was in the man's machine when he activated it. I'd have gone for a CD32-matching colour like black or dark grey, but being choosy would've been just plain rude. 7:30pm It's starting by printing a thick wall for the floor. Crikey it's slow. 8:00pm This hexagon pattern is the infill of the base of the base. Hmm... that's not good. It's starting to try to print the base of the posts on either side of the device, but the circular footprints of them are being deposited as these crooked shapes. I don't know whether to stop it or let it continue. If I stop it, I'll have to fix it somehow and come back another day. If I leave it going, maybe it'll sort itself out somehow. If the device was miscalibrated somehow, the patterned interior layers wouldn't be perfectly stacked, so I'll assume the nozzle knows where it's going and it'll form the correct stack shapes eventually. 9:30pm The upper slab of the base piece is done. Something is happening to those columns. 9:36pm I love how neat the shapes are appearing. Those interior walls are awesome. The angled bases of the columns have come out perfectly!

Meanwhile at the chippy next door...


Back to Creality

10:45pm Remember to bring a novel or two if you're thinking of getting into 3D printing. 11:00pm 11:10pm There's another four hours to go... If I don't leave now I'll miss the last train, so I'll just have to leave it here for now.