PSCD32 Development Diary


What's the point of a tracking site if it's 48 hours out of date? You can't make plans around it... Those last three entries weren't there yesterday. 'Arrived at the destination country's distribution centre.' I don't know whether that means Yodel's warehouse or some place at the airport for Yodel to pick it up to take it to the warehouse. Yodel's site hasn't updated. Also Google Translate tells me 全球物流轨迹查道 means Global logistics track search. These tools never cease to amaze me. :) If there's one thing I hate more than being wrong, it's being wrong and not being able to know how or why. So I want this stuff to get here so I can find out what happens when I wire it all up. :s Or maybe everything will work first time, which would be also good!

In transit

It says 'In transit', but Yodel's site now says it may arrive tomorrow, so I guess they're just winding up a punch. Or winding me up.