PSCD32 Development Diary

The Bad News

Just read somewhere that some of the components I've chosen for my gizmo might not work because I was too safe and there might not be enough juice flowing around to make the communication nice and clear. The bidirectional pins I was worried about are 'squirrelly', I hear, which means the MCU is going to have to work extra hard to pull the voltage down on the Amiga side. That doesn't affect the board design in any way, it just means that I might have to desolder some parts of it and put in lower rated replacements, reducing the safety on the exact pins I was worried weren't safe enough already.

How Air-Mail Really Works

You know what must be really scary? When you're on the plane that's delivering packages between countries, and it's late on Friday, and it hits midnight, and it's no longer the working week, and they have to park the plane up there in the sky stationary for 48 hours. The engines aren't even on because that'd be a waste of fuel since they're not going anywhere. It's just complete silence.