PSCD32 Peripheral Signal Conversion Device

PSCD32 Peripheral Signal Conversion Device

The PSCD32 is an adapter allowing you to use wired PlayStation 1- and PlayStation 2-compatible digital or analogue controllers with your Commodore Amiga CD32 console, any computer in the Amiga series (A1000, A500, A2000, A3000, A4000, A600 or A1200).

The PSCD32 has four output modes: CD32 Joypad Emulation, enhanced two-button Amiga joystick, two-button Amiga mouse and alternate layout Amiga joypad mode.

By pressing a simple button combination during play, you can switch between any of these modes at any time:

The left analogue stick can also be used in place of the directional pad in all modes.


Playstation Select + Playstation Cross X Default CD32 joypad behaviour Works just like a CD32 pad, compatible with CD32 games as well as A500/A1200 one- or two-button games.
Playstation L1 Rew Playstation R1 FF Playstation Start Play/Pause  
Playstation Cross X Red / Fire 1 Playstation Circle O Blue / Fire 2 Playstation Triangle Yellow Playstation Square Green
Playstation Select + Playstation Circle O Auto-fire mode Works like an A500/A1200 two-button joypad, with extra autofire buttons.
Playstation R1 Fire 1 Playstation R2 Fire 2 Playstation L1 Autofire 1 Playstation L2 Autofire 2
Playstation Cross X Fire 1 Playstation Circle O Fire 2 Playstation Square Autofire 1 Playstation Triangle Autofire 2
Playstation Select + Playstation Triangle Mouse mode Emulates a two-button Amiga mouse. The D-pad or the left analogue stick can be used to move the cursor.
Playstation Cross X or Playstation L1 LMB
Playstation Circle O or Playstation R1 RMB
Playstation Select + Playstation Square Button to Jump mode Works like a two-button joystick, with Up mapped to a button for games that use Up to Jump. The D-pad or the left analogue stick control the directions left, right and down.
Playstation R1 Up Playstation R2 Down    
Playstation Cross X Up Playstation Circle O Fire 1 Playstation Triangle Fire 2 Playstation Square Autofire 1

About the Hardware

The prototype PSCD32 is constructed from entirely through-hole components (no surface mount soldering required!) and is easy to assemble at home.

The PSCD32 is powered by a PIC24FJ32GA002 microcontroller, which handles the polling of the PS2 pad and the response to incoming polls from the Amiga through SPI hardware modules. The incoming 5V power is reduced to 3.3V by a MIC2940A-3.3V regulator.

The microcontroller and regulator were provided by Microchip and Micrel as engineering samples.

Assembly instructions.

Please visit the PSCD32 Development Mega Blog!


PIC firmware images and source download. (Firmware image is in 'dist' directory.)

Schematic, Eagle Files, Gerbers, Bill of Materials download.

Blender design files and STLs for upper and lower section of case download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the case so big?

It's a simple enclosure designed for 3D printing. It has to be able to hold the cable securely and be tall enough to hold the Micrel regulator vertically, since that's how it's mounted in my prototype. I could make a surface mount one, but I felt like soldering something together. This model is very easy to make at home.

Do you know about... [another adapter].

Possibly! But this one is mine. :)

Will it work with a CDTV using an Expansion Systems Brick-Ette?

I haven't got a clue. If it's electrically compatible with (i.e. identical to) an Amiga 500, then it's likely. Otherwise, it's possible that the required power pins won't be present, and damage to the PSCD32 or CDTV may result.

Will it work with other PIC chips?

The source code should be source-compatible with many of the PIC24 and dsPIC33 chips in all the form factors without modification. The firmware requires a scandalous 54 bytes of data RAM (excl. stack variables) and 3960 bytes of program PROM. Using the binary firmware image on a PIC other than a PIC24FJ32GA002-I/SP is not recommended or supported.

What's your e-mail address? How can I contact you?


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