"Can I buy an Ocelot Arcade System kit/board?" FAQ

Can I buy an Ocelot Arcade System?

No, I'm not selling completed Ocelots or kits at the moment.

Right now the Ocelot exists only as a single prototype board built on Veroboard.

It's very much a tinkering box for programming nerds rather than an acceptable product for you to put into your cabinets or other systems.

In fact, there's -very little- to the Ocelot other than the base components needed to get a dsPIC33 started up and running code!

If you've got an Arduino Due knocking around, then you've pretty much got everything the Ocelot does, except the magic software.

Why not?

I'm working on making everything more user- and programmer-friendly. There's so many things that a complete Ocelot could do!

Everything is up in the air: the processor, the DAC (the type and the quantity - think colour), the sound output, the amplifier board, the I/O capability and the software are all subject to change between now and something that would be useful as a pre-made kit.

Today it's a dsPIC33 and a TI DAC that uses four GPIO pins for sound. Tomorrow it might be an Atmel connected to an OPL3 Adlib-style sound chip.

If you'd like to brainstorm ideas, great!

But I neeeed it!

There's some things that you need to be aware of before you consider making a copy of my Ocelot 2016 prototype or asking someone to make one for you:

And if that didn't put you off, the Ocelot prototype might be for you. :o

Here's a short note on the two games:.

Star Lynx has two cutscenes, a title screen, one level, one boss, and a high-score table and that pretty much fills up both the dsPIC's ROM and RAM. I'm down to the last 5% of each. If I took out the 'talking heads' cutscenes it'd ease the pressure since they're quite big to store all the keyframes for and to render into the line buffers, but vector faces are essential to the Star Lynx experience. The game was made as a portfolio piece primarily.

On the other hand, Mattsteroids is a good simple small game.

You could fit a whole bunch of small arcade games along the lines of Mattsteroids onto the dsPIC simultaneously, hypothetically. And that might be where a complete Ocelot system might go! (Might!)

That said, it's not all doom and gloom. Here's some nice things about the Ocelot as a first-time project (as it was for me):

And what about the case? Do you want one made out of plywood...? Something that needs to be considered. :)


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