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Game Raccoon!

Game Raccoon
The Game Raccoon is a prototype Mega Drive game development interoperability cartridge, designed to allow you to test your own Sega Mega Drive or Sega Genesis in-development games on real hardware. It uses an inexpensive PIC microcontroller to transfer game images from SD card to internal memory, where the Mega Drive can read your code as if it were from a normal cartridge. It has its own internal menu system allowing you to explore the filesystem of the inserted SD card and select an image to boot. No external programmer or tools are required. Revision 0 can boot many homebrew images, as well as the author's own YM2612 Instrument Maker. Site updated 2020/02/13: • For more information on the purpose, function and workings of Game Raccoon Revision 0, you can read the Revision 0 Technical Report. • If you want to read about the full chronological development of the Game Raccoon up to Revision 0 (November 2019 - January 2020), you can read Matt's Chronoblogical Misadventures In Game Raccoon Land - January 2020.