PSCD32 Development Diary

Another package arrived!

Another package arrived! This is a straight through 1-1 pin for pin cable. It's important to order explicitly extension cables labelled as being for a purpose that uses all the pins. If they're a true extension cable, they'll have all the pins wires straight through one-to-one, with no strange interconnects or permutations or omissions. I couldn't use either of the cables I ordered if they didn't have all the pins linked to wires. This was labelled as being a serial cable extension: you could use it to lengthen your serial port, but it is not a nullmodem cable so no Dukematches for me.

A side note, literally.

I understand trying to protect your business but something must've gone a bit wrong on your end if it's come to this. Poor buyers don't just spontaneously appear... actually, scratch that. EBay can be awful at the best of times. Also asking the buyer to send e-mail is probably against eBay terms since it wouldn't be tracked by eBay's messaging system so wouldn't be easily enterable into a dispute. I just noticed something. That note. Doesn't have their email address on it.