Lemmings DS

Mathew Carr

Lemmings DS Amigalemm Level Convertor - June 2007

lemmings_amigalemm_lvl_to_lds is a commandline utility used to convert Amiga (and Windows) standard 2kbyte .LVL Lemmings (and Oh No! More Lemmings) levels into Lemmings DS v7 .lds levels.

It takes the following parameters:

   SOURCE-LEVEL-TYPE is either LEMMINGS or ONML depending on the game from which the level file was originally retrieved.
   SOURCE-LEVEL-RATING is the Rating string the level should be given. (This information is not contained in the level file)
   SOURCE-LEVEL-LOCATION is the location of the .lvl level file to convert. The converted level will be placed here.
   If the optional flag N is specified, then the converted level filename will include the level
   name ripped from the original level description.

The program requires that the 'texture_archives', 'windows_lemmings_terrain_images' and the 'graphical_objects' directories be in the same directory as the executable. The information within these directories is used to convert the levels accurately.

The do_everything.bat batch file calls a series of batch files in order to recreate the entire Lemmings and Oh No! More Lemmings level series from a given set of original .lvl files: